Amazing Turkey and Avocado Sandwich

Try this elevated sandwich loaded with avocado and dill mayonnaise!

Ingredients you’ll need to make four of these sandwiches:

3/4 of a pound of cracked black pepper turkey from your local deli

One large beefsteak tomato

Two medium or one large ripe avocado

Two twigs of Dill to mix in with the mayonnaise

2 tablespoons of mayonnaise

White American sliced cheese from your local deli

Sliced english sandwich bread from the bakery

Salt and pepper to taste


To prepare for this sandwich slice avocado and tomato to sit aside. Take 2 table spoons of mayonnaise and mix in approximately 2 twigs of finely chopped dill. Butter up the english bread and lightly sear in a medium pan. Once browned lightly pull off and spread on each half the dill mayonnaise. Then add sliced cracked black pepper turkey, avocado, sliced cheese and sliced tomatoes.

Throw on the other have of the sandwich bread, cut in half for the beautiful cross section and enjoy these elevated sandwiches.

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