Stock up for the Coronavirus

Time to Stock Up!

Well, it’s here! You knew at some point it would be but time to think about what all you need if it reaches your state. Covid 19 will soon be sweeping the nation which isn’t a good thing, consider our shopping list as you’ll need supply’s for 2 to 3 weeks when your time comes. To learn more about Covid-19 click here.

If you’re sick STAY HOME! Remember it’s recommended to stay home 24 to 48 hours after you feel you have no symptoms.

What to Buy:


Several jugs of water

Two 24 packs of water

6 pack of Gatorades and some pedialite

Water filtration system for clean water

No Perishables

Two to three weeks is a long time so let’s try to to eat up our perishables quick and stick to buying non perishables for this one.

Formula and Baby food

Canned foods (meats such as chicken, tuna and salmon) (soups) (vegetables and fruits)

Grains such as pasta and rice

Snacks – crackers, chips and chocolate of course

Plenty of pet food also if you have one


Stock up on these necessities as well, if you do get sick or have a common cold, headache, sinus infection, etc. Also fill your prescriptions that you need monthly early. The last place you want to go is to your pharmacy or doctor and be surrounded by other carriers.

What medicine:

Your prescriptions

OTCs like Tylenol, Theraflu, cough drops, Ibuprofen

A thermometer

Face mask if you can find one!

Take care of yourself

Don’t forget this one, just take care of yourself. Use sanitizer religiously, soap and hot water still exist! Keep the things around you the whole family are touching clean, Lysol spray goes a long way and pick up some antiseptic wipes just in case.

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