Coronavirus Effecting Food and Beverage

Food business is big business!

Did you know the food business has a value of over 4 trillion dollars? Fast food alone in the US took in 200 billion in 2015, these numbers are outrageous right? 

What’s one thing that seems to be making an impact on those dollars this year? Yep the Coronavirus, excuse me Covid-19 which no one is calling it lol! 

Bans on travel, global restrictions, and tanking markets. Face it China is on lock down but other countries such as Iran, Italy and South Korea are struggling to contain the spread of the virus. In Northern Italy they have recently quarantined 16 million people. Is the US next? I don’t really believe so as I think the Flu is a bigger threat but for some of us in the US it’s already starting to impact our area. 

How is this effecting your favorite restaurants and stores?

Well any area effected is going to see a decline in eating out and an incline in delivery orders. Of course this could slow gathering around the bar and clubbing in tight crowds! 

Obviously there is a great deal of economic impact to the food and beverage industry.


Starbucks is not has a no reusable cup policy in place but is giving a 10 cent discount if you bring the cup.

Also they have banned travel to and from the effected countries for the month of March.

Costco Wholesale

Costco is putting a stop to free samples to help the spread of Coronavirus.

In other news Costco is now banning non members from coming in with friends to take advantage of their cafe food.

Postmates and Instacart

Both places are setting up a non contact delivery option, the major players will be dropping off at the door and not entering into the home. No comment from DoorDash and UberEats that we are aware of yet.


Nestle is a Swiss food and drink company who operates all over. However they are relying a great deal on US operations at this time and says they have not shut down any operations as of yet.

Coca Cola 

There was fear due to its sweeteners primarily coming out of China that there may be issues manufacturing Coke Zero and Diet Coke. However Coca Cola has stated they do not expect its supply to impact customers.

All stores

Water bottles, mask, toilet paper, sanitizer and can goods are seeing the impact of empty shelves. This could be your area next so stock up!

Take care of your hygiene and for goodness sake stay home when your sick! If your not though look out as more impact may be on the way to the places you love to eat and shop at.

We will update this article as more Food News impacts your area.

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