Restaurants Weak at the Knees

Empty restaurants nationwide

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! If there wasn’t already terrible signs across the US today a normal day with packed bars and restaurants proves to be the exact opposite. Even though we knew it was coming, it is sad to watch. American restaurants are seeing a higher decline in daily traffic. Let’s just be honest, take out and delivery simply want pay the bills. Payroll may go down but majority of expenses remain and people simply want see the storefront with no foot traffic.

Nearly every state is mandating new orders that effect our local business owners. No dine in option is the most recent this week to sweep the nation. For those that are servers you may soon find yourself with no income. Although there are promises of nearly a trillion dollars in assistance on the way, what will that do now? Will that be by the first of the month when your rent is due?

We can only hope Americans saw this coming from China and has put enough away to not be dependent on our government. If you depend on the government please understand there will be red tape and it could be 2 to 3 weeks before you see a dime. When you do will it be 1,000 dollars per adult or per family or maybe you won’t qualify for the stipend at all?

The fear of the unknown is always scary, take care of yourself, take care of your neighbor if you can, and stay away from the elderly. The best thing we can do is listen to our healthcare officials but let’s not be naive your going to have to go out and we wish for you to do it safely.

We hope to see our restaurants back on their feet again soon but unfortunately the worst is yet to come!!

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