Can the Coronavirus be Transmitted from a Package?

It’s not the package you need to worry about!

Studies seem to be everywhere on this one with not a lot of fact checking, oh yeah there are no facts yet. Everything is speculation, if it were so infectious the post office would have closed the doors by now.

Early studies stated the virus could live on cardboard for 24 hours and 48 hours on plastic/ steel. That’s the catch however live and be able to transmit to the human body are different. A Yale Medicine Disease Infectious Specialist states “Detection does not mean transmissible”.

What does the CDC say?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) clearly believes the most likely way to contract the virus is through direct contact with someone and their cough droplets. Of course if your mail carrier is sick, there is a chance of spreading assuming you come in contact with the delivered package quickly.

Our Opinion – most important

Let’s start this with, opinion. Non factual, best guess, stop fricking out thoughts for the world to read. I’m not going to start by saying spray your package just like every TV network with disinfect spray, we all know there is none, I mean none. Amazon and every store is out, when you do find one you get excited and quickly you see this message. “Currently the product is only available to hospitals and government agencies due to Covid-19. Here is the safe bet, if you have gloves put them on to open the package then throw out the trash. It is not unlikely but impossible the package within the package contains the virus. To take this one step further if your package set outside all day while you were at work just making sure your hands are clean and open your packages.

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