Are you a Foodie?

Own the foodie in you!

You are quarantined right? Well nearly 300 million Americans are and I see no reason not to ask yourself the all important question “Am I a foodie?”. It’s clear there are many qualifiers that could make you one and ultimately it’s up for you to decide not the general public.

No it would not be based on your cooking expertise, where all you have traveled, or wether you know the top 5 French sauces. It’s a little more simple than that to us.

However, if we were creating the qualifications it would be like this!

Well first let’s say what would likely make you not a foodie…

Where did this food come from? Fresh or Frozen…

Great dishes have one major thing in common, they are typically fresh and just because a sign says farm to table a foodie knows if it’s true. It doesn’t mean there aren’t good boxed or frozen dishes but it’s not hard to pick out that canned or frozen reheated taste.

Do you eat the same thing at each restaurant you enjoy?

Is it just the potato soup at O’Charleys or the Alice Springs Chicken at Outback? This would mean you don’t seek out different menu options knowing you will get a junket from time to time. Foodies enjoy the change of pace and palette recreations.

Okay time for a few qualifiers:

You are a foodie if:

You plan every vacation around where you will be eating

We know how it is, you were on the road to Disney World and over half your conversations were discussing the food you would eat. You were looking for deals around the park and restaurant options inside. Is it worth getting dining passes? You didn’t ask if it was worth going to Animal Kingdom….

It does not disqualify you from being a foodie if you are not aware of every cooking technique or style!

This is one we hear every day, you have to know what coulis is or how to chiffonade – knife cut… you don’t… you are not claiming to be a chef or a food critic. You are a foodie! You need to enjoy trying everything.. at least once (this doesn’t mean the food on “The Survivor”). It means nearly falling in the floor after dipping a French dip into the perfect Au Jus, salivating about your dessert while still eating your entree, and having no choice but to reminiscence about the tartness of your perfect raspberry crepe that morning. You get it right? A deep passion and enjoyment including the hunt for that perfect taste!

Are you a foodie? Am I foodie? That’s really up to you! So in that case, I am!

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